Starting Goals!

Ultimately, my goal is of course to feel good, be healthy, and be the best version of myself I can be.

That’s not exactly quantifiable, though, so I’m going to be setting goals that allow me to feel successful as I make this journey to a well me. This first set is made up of somewhat random targets, both long-term and short-term, until I can figure out how well I can do right now.

  1. Blood Pressure: 120/80
    I’m going to make that my primary target for now. I don’t know that I will ever be able to control it, but I can decrease it. Exercise helps a lot. Diet will do better. Clean it up, cut it out, and make healthy choices! 120/80 is the clinical “normal,” and climbing 25 points from there, while not exactly good for my veins (or brain), is at least not in the “Am I going to die from this pressure in my head?” region.
  2. Stamina: 30 minutes on a treadmill at 20-minute/mile
    I might already be able to do this – I haven’t tried lately. I can’t go much faster than that because of my hip flexor/pelvis issues. But sustaining it is doable.
  3. Leg Strength: Move up to 80 lbs on ab/adduction machines
    Short-term, as I’m already at 60 lbs.
  4. Arm Strength: Pick a program and stick with it for two weeks
    I really like working my arms. But I don’t want to use the weights at the gym for fear of straining too hard and increasing my BP too much. I have a hard time working out at home because my MIL is always in the main room, and I’m too self-conscious to get a good workout. So I need to find something I feel comfortable doing in all ways.
  5. Cardio: 45 minutes at sweaty speed on the elliptical
    I could do this before the holidays, back when my BP had gone down. I stopped using the elliptical in November because of my hip trouble, so I want to move back into that (hip permitting – I start PT soon).
  6. Weight: Finish shedding initial 10%, to 235
    I started at 261 last year. Chucked 5 pounds in two months through exercise. Plateaued. Chucked 6 in dietary changes in November. Gained back 4 or 5 of those over the holidays. 235 is my post-pregnancy stasis point as well as the 10% weight loss that is recommended as a bare minimum for health improvement.

That was my doctor’s suggestion today, too. Unless the cardiologist finds an underlying cause for my orthostatic hypertension, the best I can do is lose weight and control my salt intake. So here we go!


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