Revised Goals

You know all those goals I posted before?

Forget them.

I just read a wonderful health journey post by a man who used a more Eastern approach to lose 100 pounds and get healthy. Immediately, my heart responded with, “Yes, this, REMEMBER??”

The scientist in me likes data I can track. Quantifiable numbers. Trends. Patterns. They’re important. But I am not, by nature, a by-the-book sort of girl. I am intuitive in my body use and my habits. I track patterns by observation of non-quantifiable data as easily as I do with numbers. The difference is that the “professional” weight loss/health improvement plans are seductive. They make promises, like “do this and you will feel better!” And “don’t eat this, and you can be happier!” And, the one most likely to knock me out of my groove, “You will have company and social support if you just do what we do!” The intuitive track is by nature a solitary one, and I get so excited about not being alone with all my efforts that I hop on band wagons even though deep down, I know better.

Hope is a powerful thing.

But none of those hopeful promises ever pan out. I’m not someone who’s always been fat, or anti-exercise; someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing. I’m not someone who loves food so much she finds it hard to give it up. I’m not your “average” American go-getter. Rewards don’t work for me. Streaks do nothing for me.

What does work for me? Me. Mindfulness. Paying attention to my body and doing what I can do. For me. Without tracking it. Without comparing it to some arbitrary plan. No calendars, no systems, no “this is what you should do.” Just me,  doing what feels “right.”

So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going back to my 2-weekers. I will try something new for two weeks, keep to it, and then if I don’t like it or it doesn’t feel right, I’ll try something else. If it does work, I’ll keep it and integrate a new thing for 2 weeks.

My central goal for the short-term: Stress release.
Gentle movements. Stretching. Breathing exercises. Meditation. Anything that will promote the release of all this stress I’ve built up is what I’m going to do. No competition. No challenges. Just experimenting with ways to make my body feel softer, looser, and more movement-friendly.

My medium-term goal: Lower my blood pressure.
I won’t be able to trust myself to do work with weights or any up-and-down movement until I stop having such significant BP spikes. This will come about through my short-term changes.

Long-term goal: Be ME in MY body again.
Healthy, limber, strong, agile, and able to enjoy my own self!


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