Trying Again

Starting new things are hard.

Building a routine of new things is harder. :/

I suck at building routine, largely because I don’t like having my time scheduled. It makes me feel trapped and unhappy. Sometimes I think that was why I didn’t do my homework in high school – my day was so regimented (as school requires) that when I got home, I just needed time to be free.

My physical therapist really, really, REALLY wants me to build a routine. It’s easier to exercise, after all, if it’s simply a part of the routine. We won’t know if my hip can handle regular life if I don’t get routine movement in to test it. And exercise IS the one thing I tend to be able to routinize. But how do I do that when I don’t even have a “normal” day’s schedule?

So, I’m trying again with my 2-weeker. Starting over, since I didn’t manage more than a day of the last set.

5/13 – 5/26

Starting tomorrow, this is my goal set:

  1. Get up at 9. Do absolute best to pull back bedtime to match. (The difficulty with changing my bedtime is largely because of anxiety – it peaks about the time I *should* be going to bed, which keeps me awake.)
  2. Go to the gym at 1:30 every day.

That’s it. Simple. Easy. One to think about in the afternoon, one to think about at night. Everything else is frosting.

(I’ve also added PT for my neck in the hopes of dispelling these awful headaches that have plagued me for three weeks recently, and five weeks at the beginning of the year. I will be rolling those stretches in with my hip stretches. Hopefully the stretching before and strength training after will simply fall into place once I get solid on the gym…)


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