I am a thirty-something woman in search of wellness – body, mind, and soul.

This blog focuses primarily on the “body” part of that. I’m fat, sick, exhausted, and stressed beyond capacity. All of those things need to change. All of those things *will* change.

My ultimate goal is to throw myself a “Fabulous Forties” party when I turn 40, forcing everyone to dress up in ’40s wear and swing dance the night away. (Oh, I am sooo devious… 😉 )This requires (well, money, for starters, but that’s a different blog) I be fit enough to dance, re-learn the swing, have the physical strength and stamina to not hurt myself, and the confidence of feeling at home in my body.

I have spread my wings. Now I must balance them so I don’t tumble out of the sky!

Expect posts on nutrition, strength training, cardio programs, yoga, tai’chi, qigong, dance, weight loss, illness, health topics, meal planning, self-talk, relaxation techniques, physical therapy, massage therapy, women’s issues, parenting, clothes (possibly designing and/or making them),  recipes (if I feel particularly ambitious), and anything else that crops up while on this journey to a healthy me.

Please feel free to comment, to fly along with me, or to ask questions. Just please do your best to keep it positive, or at least supportive. No rocks to carry me (or us) downward, please!